Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review

Isn't there a chibi FF15 mobile game soon? This isn't it, but why not? Let's dive in...

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Review

I regret everything.


Welcome, to a review of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire..



Final Fantasy is an RPG series that features amazing stories, characters and turn based battles... Or at least it used to. With the popularity of mobile games, the series has tried it's hand into mobile games, with mixed reactions.

There's the good (Brave Exvius. Dimensions. Record Keeper, Mobius) and there's the bad (All the bravest)

So guess which category this game falls into?

Yeah...... That.

I got this while reading the second tutorial dialogue. No.... this is not how you get me to pay. I've barely even started! Why would I need any of those things? I don't even know what they do!


Let's carry on. Throughout the game, Noctis is the tutorial spokesperson, whom narrates emotionlessly about the game, though it's never in detail.

For newbies

FF15:Empire is a city building game.

A city building game is one where players slowly gather resources and upgrade buildings with said resources. Players also train up hero or troops with said resources, and are able to attack other players with those resources. Sometimes, event happens in the game that requires players to attack AI enemies so that they can win resources.

These kind of city building games are a dime a dozen. If you've played one. You've played them all. The question is, does this game take advantage of the Final Fantasy name?

Well... no. Aside from Noctis and a few photos to represent units/ buildings, there's nothing special about the game.

When players start, they are presented with the tutorial. As per usual, the tutorial darkens the screen and points to where players should tap.

The problem? Players can rapidly tap anywhere on the screen to proceed through the tutorial.

What's the point of the tutorial then?! Players will very easily and very rapidly realize that they are able to do so, and will skip all tutorials, and will soon figure out that they have no idea what to do in the game, or what building does what, or why it may be important to upgrade X building first over another building.

2/10 Tutorial. But that doesn't matter as players will soon realize there isn't anything much to the game other then upgrading your buildings for upgrading sake.

System requirements

Runs fine in emulator and root. Of course it does, how else will it show you the adds?


Tap to upgrade buildings.

The music in the background is very questionable. It's military like with a constant fantasy twinkle that makes me feel slightly determined. If I were to pair a scene with this background music, it would be of a soldier, and the look on his face as he joins his regime, holding a large banner as they march through a sand desert. The camera pans out, showing that the enemy outnumber them 10:1.

The Ui is pretty badly designed. Here, take a look.


  • At the top, a giant box showing how much In game Real Life currency the player has. Tapping that will open up a recharge page.
  • Below that, 3 banners that scroll, each with their own pricing and timer. No. I'm still not going to buy it.
  • In the middle of the screen, a picture of the FF15 crew for no reason.
  • Lower half shows 'quests' that bring you to a page that lists out all the missions the game has that you need to do. (Completed via upgrades/sending troops/attacking/leveling heroes)
  • In a tiny 2 line box: The chat.
  • And lastly, the menu bar.

If I were to arrange the UI, I would be rid of the banner and replace it with the numerical values of all my resources. Get rid of the picture and show the quest in drop down boxes. Move the chat bar to the top. That would be better, wouldn't it?

Also, the game has some very odd tendencies to send really obvious and unneeded mail to you. Here's an example.


Shop/Cash system

A picture tells a thousand words. You use gold for speed ups, resources and VIP Status. It's par the course, there's nothing much to say here.



Now you might be wondering why it has a score of 3 instead of 1. Here's my reasoning for it. The game has minigames. I've played a little, and it was quite fun. And technically it is part of the game, so the game gets a total of 3/10.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go and try this minigame again.

WELL then, never mind. To a better game I go.


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