Final Fantasy XV Gets the 'Chibi' Treatment in New Mobile Game

Square Enix finally brings us Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

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Final Fantasy XV Gets the 'Chibi' Treatment in New Mobile Game

Not long ago, Square Enix launched their flagship RPG video game Final Fantasy XV on several platforms including Playstation, Xbox and Microsoft, amid lots of fanfare. After that, Square Enix decided that a mobile game was in order, and launched the rather unsuccessful Final Fantasy XV, a strategy game that was largely panned by critics.

Final Fantasy XV is one of those games with plenty of spinoff and expansions, and even an animated movie that was released prior to the game to build up publicity for it.

At the recent Gamescom Convention, Square Enix surprised everyone by announcing that they're planning to release a mobile version of the main RPG game and it's called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and even gave everyone a sneak peak via this trailer:

Just like in the main video game, this mobile version has you following Prince Noctis and his companions, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto as they go on a quest to take back their country from the evil Niflheim empire. 

via The Verge

The one significant difference that anyone will notice straight up is the character design, whereby all the characters have now turned 'Chibi' or cute and adorable. Even the bad guys. Apparently this new concept was adopted to make controls more mobile friendly.

The game will be available by the fall of 2017, and will be released in 10 chapters, all of which will be free to play. Whether it's going to flop like its other mobile predecessor or be a successful hit among players will only be revealed after the game is released.

For now, fans can start being excited about the mini Chocobos hitting the small screen soon.

Cover image via Vandal

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