Final Fantasy XV Has Now Released a Free Mobile Game

Strategy and resource management with Noctis as your guide.

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Final Fantasy XV Has Now Released a Free Mobile Game

A new spin-off mobile game from the Final Fantasy 15 main game has now been launched for both Android and iOS and the good news is, it's completely free to play. Apparently it's a strategy game where you get to gather resources and build new buildings to train up an army.

Early reviewers haven't been very impressed with this new direction that the franchise is taking. Final Fantasy games are well known as RPGs and this little spin-off is apparently rubbing people the wrong way.

For starters, Noctis, prince of Lucis is your guide during the tutorial phase, but he seems to act very much out of character. The game may be free, but you'll have to pay real world money in order to get gold to get more resources. Without paying, you have a time limit for each gaming session and have to wait a very long time for your city to develop and this becomes somewhat frustrating.

However, there are also reviewers who have given this game a five star review, as it fills a space that other Final Fantasy games have not. It allows players to build a city in an FF universe, which means players get to know the game and its characters better. You can too if you try it out on your phone.

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