Finland's Critical Ops Mobile Game Now Venturing Into E-Sports

One of the fastest growing first person shooters on mobile.

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Finland's Critical Ops Mobile Game Now Venturing Into E-Sports

There aren't many mobile first person shooters, but Critical Ops seems to be one of the few that has managed to capture the interest and imagination of mobile game players. Made by the gaming studio Critical Force, the game has managed to garner 25 million downloads in just two years, with 77,000 new players each day. Critical Ops also boasts a staggering 860,000 active players daily.

Critical Ops has managed to fill a void where FPSs are concerned, as many of the big name first person shooter games like Overwatch and Counter Strike have not made it to the mobile platform. In Critical Ops, players have the option of embarking on solo missions or join a clan and play as a team with other real life players.

Recently, Critical Force has been actively trying to turn the game into an e-sports and has partnered with to host a large tournament. The Critical Ops championship is set to take place in August 2017 and will feature four teams that managed to get through preliminary rounds held in early summer 2017. Teams will be competing for a pool of USD10,000 as well as other prizes.

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