Fire Emblem Heroes: AweApps Review

A series that started since 1990 on the NES, Fire Emblem now has a game on mobile. But is it any good?

Well, in short, yes and no.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: AweApps Review

Welcome to a review of Fire Emblem Heroes. Let’s get started.


Fire Emblem is a turn based tactical unit vs unit strategy game played in a 8x6 map size. The main goal of the game is to create and perfect the strongest team, so that you may play, complete and enjoy all the story and event content in the game.

With almost every single Fire Emblem games having a character in this game, FE:Heroes appeal to both the new and old Fire Emblem fans, and actually offers a compelling tactical game to those whom are new.

For newbies

There is a war between two nations. Each nation are summoning heroes from other lands or worlds to do their bidding. You are a summoner, and using a special gun, you have the power to summon heroes to fight for your cause.

There isn’t much story wise. As you go along, you encounter familiar faces from the Fire Emblem franchise and revisit maps designed in reference to the games.

The tutorial teaches players the basic mechanics of the game well enough, and the completion of the tutorial doesn’t take long. It took this reviewer about 1.5 hours of rerolling to get a max rarity unit, which is quite short compared to other games.

The UI in the game is simple and clean. An old and very useful feature displaying combat predictions and the enemy attack range is thankfully present, and shown in a red outline. 

Screenshot Image via Cnet

There is a stamina system that refreshes upon level up. This may be a deterrent to players whom wish to play continuously. There is an option to buy stamina potions, but to those whom do not wish to do so, there are events that provide stamina.

Obtaining a fully fleshed out team of 4 characters whom are of max rarity might take a long time for free players. It all relies on luck, as per the usual for these gacha based games.

System requirements

This game will not run if your phone is rooted. And if your phone is running a custom ROM that does not pass Skynet checks, then you will not be able to play the game.

Additionally, there are reports of other users not being able to even get to the login screen, as the game crashes upon loading.

PC users, my apologies, it is currently impossible to play this game on any emulators. While all these checks are in place to deter cheaters, I feel that these efforts are over excessive.


As mentioned above, 4 of your units, and up to 4~6 of the AI controlled enemy units fight in a 6 X 8 sized map. Fire Emblem’s weapon triangle has been modified into a colour triangle for easier UI and quicker tactical decisions. Mages and archers are colourless, playing no part in the triangle.

Movement in the game is small. Heavy armor moves 1, foot soldiers move 2, and mounted/flying soldiers move 3. This makes it hard to reposition your units at times. Defensive terrain was removed as well, but returned with a special ‘defensive’ tile.

Weapon switching is gone, and all characters only have one attack. Ranged characters can only attack 2 tiles away. Melee characters can’t attack in range, and vice versa. It is a simplified version of the Fire Emblem traditional standards, but a sacrifice that was done due to the mobile nature of the game.

There are 4 game modes, providing numerous levels, maps and challenges to the player. Story, Arena, Training tower, Event, and Voting Gauntlet. Players will find many battles to play, and will not feel tired easily. The only condition to playing is that players must have enough stamina to start the battle.

In end game, players will find themselves slowly playing through the game as they grind up SP in order to fully utilize the inheritance system.

Shop/Cash system

Image via Nintendowire

Fire emblem heroes Gacha system start with a 3% chance to summon a max rarity hero, with each hero drawn that is not max rarity increasing the chance by 0.1% each draw. This may not look like much, but after 20 draws, the chances become 5%, and it is reasonable to expect a max rarity hero within the next 20 pulls. Compared to some other games, these rates are generous.

Obtaining Orbs (currency) to pull the Gacha will cost you, however, if you are not patient enough to farm them through events.

Aside from the hero gacha, orbs can be used to purchase stamina, and 5 upgrades to your castle to provide your units with a passive EXP % boost.

There is also a method to increase the rarity of your current heroes, but this would require a farming of more then 5 months per hero, which does not make this feature feasible.



The game is good and I did spend a few hours thinking about the heroes I have and how I could overcome challenges. The score is brought down by the amount of grinding required in the late game, as well as the need for heavy anti cheat prevention, even though Nintendo has already banned cheaters from multiplayer.

All in all, I enjoyed my time with FE:Heroes, and if you are able to play it, I do highly suggest giving the game a try to see if you enjoy it.


Cover image via Fire Emblem


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