Fire Emblem Heroes Spices Things Up With New Gameplay Mode

Arena Assault mode poses more challenges for players.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Spices Things Up With New Gameplay Mode

Fire Emblem Heroes is one of mobile gaming's more recognizable titles and is basically a free to play, turn based RPG. Players collect characters and form teams out of those characters and then take on enemy teams controlled by other players.

Thus far, the game developers Intelligent Systems have kept the gameplay rather less challenging compared to many other mobile RPGs out there, but all that's about to change. A new Arena Assault mode has been introduced, where players take up an extended series of battles where they can't use the same hero twice.

Players will have to survive up to seven battles, so that will definitely be a more intense gameplay than what they're normally used to. Additionally, the game will allow players one extra summons every time an event is announced, so that they don't have to spend their precious orbs to summon new heroes. 


Cover image via Fire Emblem Heroes Official Website

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