Five scary creatures made cute

Today's media sure have changed our perception of them.

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Five scary creatures made cute

We take a look at scary creatures which have had our perceptions on them changed.



Image via Imgur

What was once snarling four legged creatures with blood on their jaws, have now mostly been drawn in cute dog forms with bushy tails. To be fair, it doesn't take much for wolves to be viewed cute, as long as they aren't the bipedal kind.


Image via Google Chrome Program

While many dinosaurs are cute and drawn in silly fashion, none are more famous than the dinosaur in Google Chrome. This T-rex in search for internet makes for a great keychain.


Image via Wikia

Skeletons doing silly things are a great joy in Halloween, but it was Undertale's most favorite character, Papyrus whom represented skeleton-kind and made them cute. A noticeable mention is his brother, Sans, whom we used as the cover image.


Image via Zerochan

From Mario's boo to Pokemon's Mimikyu to Casper, ghosts have a long tradition of being capable of cuteness, in addition to spookiness. Luigi probably knows this best, as he had to handle two entire mansions filled with a multitude of ghosts.

Cthulhu Mythos

Image via Pinterest

Image via zerochan

The truly horrifying, mind destroying, reality bending horror monsters from the stars... are sometimes portrayed as cute anime girls or small cute slimes. There's even a game called Cthulhu saves the world where he becomes a hero.

Cover Image via Wikia

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