'Florence' Explores First Love in Slice of Life Romance Game

Coming to iOS in 2018.

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'Florence' Explores First Love in Slice of Life Romance Game

As game developers continue to explore new game concepts, here's one that's offering a fresh look on things. 'Florence' is an interactive slice of life romance game that's very story driven, and very unlike the usual 'choose your path' romances that are being marketed to young women out there.

Instead, Annapurna's game 'Florence', made by new developers Mountains from Australia, is a very emotional and immersive experience. It's influenced by slice of life visual novels and other gentler love stories. 

In the story, protagonist Florence Yeoh is looking to break the monotony of her daily life, when she meets Cellisy Krish and starts a relationship.

Annapurna's previous hit game 'What Remains of Edith Finch'  for the PS4 platform can perhaps give us a clue as to what to expect for Florence.

So to all the romance buffs out there, here's a title to watch out for next year.


Cover image via doope.jp


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