Food Items That Look Like Famous People

Almost miraculous images appear.

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Food Items That Look Like Famous People

The human mind is really special in the sense that it is always looks for patterns in chaos. Although this sounds complicated, it actually just means that the human mind is able to see familiar shapes in seemingly random things. It is what makes us see faces in places where they don't actually exist.

This phenomenon also means we're able to see famous people in random, everyday food items. These seemingly innocuous food items have not been tampered by Photoshop in any way, and are captured just as they are:

1. Doesn't this bacon remind you of Elvis Presley?

2. Someone spotted this jelly bean with the likeness of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

3. Someone claimed to have a Yorkshire Pudding that looked like Susan Boyle

4. This nugget looks eerily like George Washington

5. A benevolent cinnamon roll that looks like Mother Theresa

6. This onion is a good representation of Whoopi Goldberg

7. A cookie that resembles Winston Churchill

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