Food Street: Run Your Own Restaurant

Cook food and manage orders.

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Food Street: Run Your Own Restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of owning and opening a restaurant? While Food Street may not be the real thing, it will certainly give you many hours of fun. The game is very easy and yet there are many elements to keep track of.

You begin by planting wheat and other vegetables in plots beside your restaurant to produce ingredients to make basic meals. Later on, the game will allow you to unlock other places like a dairy, chicken coop and fruit trees to produce even more ingredients.

Once you have enough ingredients, you'll be able to use cooking stations inside your restaurant to prepare the food on the order list, which will show up when you click an icon at the bottom left. The stations are divided according to different meal types, like pasta, soup, bread and cakes, breakfast food and more.

As you progress by earning points, you'll find more food stations and ingredient producing units made available. Also, as you level up, new playable options become available, such as seasonal tasks for groups, and personal quests which reward you with diamonds and points when you complete them.

There's also the option of decorating your restaurant and new furniture, doors, floors and walls become available the more you advance.

The game design is bright and cheerful, but it does take some patience as you have to wait in real world timing for ingredients and meals to be completed. Also, there is entirely too many gaming elements to keep track of, as there's stands outside of your restaurants to sell of excess ingredients, change your waiters' uniforms, claim prizes and lots more.

If you don't mind the cluttered feel of the game, then it actually doesn't have any other issues, plus its available free. You don't need to buy anything to achieve a satisfactory performance, but of course spending some real cash on care packages within the game may get you ahead of the pack.

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