Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic Now Has a Mobile Game

Zlatan Legends features Ibrahimovic as a space superhero. 

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Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic Now Has a Mobile Game

A new trailer has been released featuring famed footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic as its main character. Ibrahimovic is well known among football fans as the former striker of Manchester United. Unfortunately he has since left the club following a serious knee injury.

The now recovering Ibrahimovic has wasted no time in pursuing other business interests apart from football, and this new mobile game called 'Zlatan Legends' is a fast paced space action game scheduled for release on August 17th 2017.

In the trailer, Ibrahimovic can be heard speaking about new challenges as he emerges in a stadium full of cheering fans dressed in a robotic suit similar to Iron Man.

He is apparently recovering well and Manchester United has not ruled out the possibility of welcoming him back into the club once he has reached full health.

Cover image via Planeta Milan

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