Freebird Game's 'To The Moon' is Set to Make Waves

A heartwarming adventure with life lessons.

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Freebird Game's 'To The Moon' is Set to Make Waves

Indie game makers are not given much attention, but one team has gotten rave reviews, and they have made a game called 'To The Moon'. The game involves two lovable doctors who encounter an aging patient. They traverse through his memories as he lays dying, in order to fulfill his last wish.

As they travel through time, they learn heartwarming lessons about life, and the game approaches the subject of death in a mature and loving manner. The game plays just like a classic RPG from the late 90s and early 2000s, reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII or early Pokemon games played on Gameboy.

'To The Moon' is developed by a single person, Kan Gao under the company name of Freebird Games and he's apparently working on a follow up sequel game called 'Finding Paradise' set for release in mid 2017 for the PC platform.

The announcement of 'To The Moon' came in 2016, and was originally released for PC, Mac and Linux. Now however, its available on both iOS and Android, so you can play it anywhere you want. Freebird Games are famed for other titles designed for PC, like 'The Mirror Lied' and 'Quintessence : The Blighted Venom'.

'To The Moon' is the first Freebird Games title to get a mobile version. it now out on both the App Store and Google Play for an affordable price.


Cover image via Freebird Games

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