Fun Mobile Games Based on Disney Cartoons

Based on characters from the animated movies.

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Fun Mobile Games Based on Disney Cartoons

Disney cartoons are something that everyone grew up with, so there's no question that they're very nostalgic and can bring back lots of good feelings and memories. These games are based on characters from their animated movies, both old and new, as well as Disney's in-house characters like Mickey Mouse and gang.

Here are some which you can start downloading for free:

1) Frozen: Free Fall Icy Shot

Blast off snowballs and other projectiles with your fingers in this action puzzle in order to clear various levels and help Anna and Elsa on their journey.

2) Disney Emoji Blitz

A straighforward match 3 game where you have to match Disney characters in their emoji forms to gain points.

3) Disney Dream Treats

Disney dream treats has you also matching up 3 icons at a time, but this time it is food. Each level features a different Disney character for which you'll have to match different foods for.

4) Disney Enchanted Tales

Build your own magical kingdoms and unlock various Disney princesses along the way while expanding your realm.

5) Beauty and the Beast : Perfect Match

Walk Belle and the Beast through a magical adventure, which involves matching colourful gems and other tasks.


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