Funny Looking Vegetables That Look Real Cool

Nature has a sense of humour too.

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Funny Looking Vegetables That Look Real Cool

Vegetables would be the last thing you think of as being funny. However, there are some vegetables that naturally grow to a shape that is really interesting or humorous. In many cases, they take on human characteristics that are often adorable and entertaining.

None of these vegetables were cut or attached. They were found the way they were, and that's one of the wonders of our natural world. Here are some humorous veggies to giggle to:

1. This radish wants you to relax too

2. This eggplant looks extremely happy

3. This potato looks like a friendly teddy bear

4. Someone cut a bell pepper and they found that it was terrified inside

5. Doesn't this ginger look like a furry bunny

6. A carrot and a radish chilling in some hot water

7. Bear shaped strawberry will make you melt inside

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