Funny Notes from Witty Kids to Cheer You Up

Kids and their honesty.

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Funny Notes from Witty Kids to Cheer You Up

Kids are always very honest when trying to express their thoughts and feeling. They do so without reservation, and remind us of ourselves when we were younger and could be more honest without any negative backlash. Children can also be very creative in their responses, which can really warm your heart.

Also, since they've only begun writing, you'll see plenty of cute, yet endearing mistakes which are normal for their age. Check out these notes written by kids which will make you giggle:

1. We're pretty sure she'll appreciate her brother some day

2. This kid should really lay off the action movies

3. Bargaining is a skill you learn from young

4. Yes, eating keeps us alive

5. Wonder what type of consequences?

6. Ray fakes his own sick day letter

7. Sorry, not sorry

8. Honesty is the best policy



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