Game Company Behind Fallout 4 Out to Make a New Mobile Game

Bethesda has given clues via a new job opening.

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Game Company Behind Fallout 4 Out to Make a New Mobile Game

Bethesda is a name very well known in the gaming community as the developers of iconic single person role playing games like the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls series. So far they've released several versions of these two titles for the mobile gaming market, like Fallout Shelter which is its latest offering. 

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Now they seem to be working on another mobile game project and this time it's a free to play game with no specific title attached to it yet. We know this because they've just placed a job ad  looking for a Performance Manager who in their own words " work with a bleeding edge AAA freemium game".

The ad, which runs in French, is calling for someone in the Montreal area familiar with AAA, the platform on which Bethesda runs many of its mobile offerings. Bethesda Montreal is actually a branch of the main office located in Rockville, Maryland and has yet to produce a full game independently. This time however, the Montreal office seems to be taking the lead.

The terms used in the job posting seems rather unique. It does require the Performance Manager to come up with strategies to monetize the game, meaning that there will be plenty of in-game purchases. There is speculation that the game is related to Starfield, a project that Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax has filed a trademark application for many years ago, but with little or no progress.

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