Game Developer Playrix Releases 'Homescapes'

A match 3 game.

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Game Developer Playrix Releases 'Homescapes'

Thus far, game developer Playrix has released three big titles including Gardenscapes. These games feature a match-3 gameplay. Now brothers Dmitri and Igor Bukhman who are the founders of Playrix have announced the official release of yet another game, called 'Homescapes'.

Apparently Homescapes has already garnered more than 7 million downloads in its first week of release.

It follows the main character Austin as he returns to his family mansion. Players can complete more than 400 levels of match 3 games, and will be able to renovate the mansion with custom designs and furniture after every level.

Playrix has said that they'll be updating the game regularly with expansions of up to 25 new levels for players to complete. 

With the release of Gardenscapes and the other games in this series, Playrix hopes to maintain its position and one of the top 10 developers in many countries in the world. 

via VentureBeat

More casual games are coming from Playrix and are expected to be released by early next year, 2018. However, for now, we have Homescapes for free on both iOS and Android to keep us all occupied and entertained.

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