Game Genres You Wish You Were More Skilled At

Not all games are made for everyone. Here are some game genres that requires skill to play.

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Game Genres You Wish You Were More Skilled At

1) Fighting games

5AAA 5B 5C j.A j.2A 623B/C

If you do not understand what the above means, it means, from a standing position, deal 3 light punches, medium punch, heavy punch, jump, light punch, press down and light punch, then move the joystick right, down and bottom right and hit medium or heavy punch.

And you have to do everything in the span of 2 seconds. That's 11 inputs that you have to enter in rapid succession in order to deliver a full combo. And this is a common combo string in fighting games.

It takes a lot of skill and practice in order to achieve the necessary muscle memory and reaction in order to pull combos off in fighting games.

2) Driving games

There are many kinds of driving games. The realistic driving games are hard to play, but they can still be easily understood. And then, there's the arcade drifting driving games. Take a look at the video above, it's hard to understand what is going on. At straight roads, the driver is clearly turning the wheel fully to the right, and at the corners the driver has his wheel turned fully in the opposite direction of where the car is headed. And then there are the mini corners which the driver snaps his wheel to one side and back, which somehow maneuvers the car to clear the corner. It's clear that the game requires skill and the player is having fun, but it's a skill that many gamers do not have.

3) Rhythm games

From MaiMai to DDR to Taiko, there are no ends to rhythm games, and there's no lack of skilled players in these games. Many of us wish we could drum as good as the kid in the video.

4) Shooting games

Counter strike is one of the best games there is, and 360 no scope has became a meme in Call of Duty. But that doesn't mean all of us have the skill and reflexes needed to play such games. Not to mention that you have to adjust your aim for how you move, and often standing still means you will be killed soon after. For some people, events such as the video above will never happen.



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