Genius New Zealander Creates Mobile Game to Get Youths to Vote

It pitches New Zealand 's politicians against each other. 

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Genius New Zealander Creates Mobile Game to Get Youths to Vote

New Zealand is going to have its election this year on the 23rd of September. However, news outlets have reported that 250,000 young people have not enrolled to vote in the coming elections. One very patriotic individual called Regan Ashworth decided to use his skills as a game developer to encourage more youngsters to enrol as voters.

Ashworth's game is called 'NZ Election Fighter 17' and is available for free at the game's official website. He's a software developer at Xero and made this mobile game over three weeks in his free time. 

In the game, current NZ prime minister Bill English from the National Party is pitched against Jacinda Ardern, leader of the Labour Party. 

The game takes place in glorious 8-bit style, with the characters throwing what looks like sticks and stones at one another. Ashworth has said that he hopes the game will catch the attention of young people and make them laugh. He hopes it will also mobilize them to move to the voting booths after that. 

'NZ Election Fighter 17' has been available since August 31st and no closing date has been announced. If you like seeing politicians slugging it out, feel free to play this game even if you're not a New Zealander.

Cover image via this YouTube video

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