Genre Busting Mobile Game Shengha Lets Your Heart Control the Game (Literally)

Bringing some real world magic into mobile gaming.

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Genre Busting Mobile Game Shengha Lets Your Heart Control the Game (Literally)

In the competitive world of mobile gaming, developers are constantly on the hunt for new ideas on how to reach players and capture their interest. This challenge has been taken up by BfB Labs, who have come up with a virtual card game like no other called Champions of the Shengha.

In addition to the usual elements like deck building, card collection and ascending the ranks, BfB has added one more element you would never imagine. It's a bio-transmitter and players will have to clip it to their ear while playing this fantasy mobile card game.

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The transmitter keeps track of the player's heartbeat and emotional state, and feeds it directly to the game. As you play, your heart rate will show up on screen and the calmer and more focused you are, the better you'll be able to cast spells and launch creatures into battle.

The game basically requires you to be at your most relaxed and focused state for your 'magical powers' to be at their height. The bio transmitter has to be purchased separately and costs about 52USD which players can order from the official Champions of the Shengha website.

To begin playing, you'll have to select a team from Joy, Fear or Fury and each team offers a different playing style. Throughout the game you'll be able to build more powerful decks that will increase the level of your creatures, spells and weapons.

The game app is available free on Google Play and the App Store, but the bio transmitter has to be purchased first.


Cover image via Champions of the Shengha Official Site

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