Give Yourself the Princess Treatment with Midnight Cinderella

Choose your own love story through this interactive mobile game.

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Give Yourself the Princess Treatment with Midnight Cinderella

If you've depleted you store of good Asian romance dramas, and can't find any good series to watch, why not try an Otome game to fill up your time. Otome games are romance stories targeted mainly at young women and they're interactive pieces where players can decide their destinies.

One of the leading Otome games in recent years is Midnight Cinderella, part of the Ikemen Royal Romance series by Japanese developers Cybird Corporate. In this story, you play a commoner who is elevated to the status of princess of Wysteria after you mysteriously pass a choosing ceremony to adopt a daughter for the childless ailing king.

Even as you approach the gate to the palace, you begin meeting the firsts of a series of handsome young men that you'll interact with throughout the game. There's Alyn the head of the King's guard, Louis Howard the cold Duke, Giles Cristophe the Royal Chamberlaiin, Byron Wagner, King of a neighboring country and several others.

After the first few chapters, the story branches off and you'll be required to pick one of the nine characters as a love interest. The choices you make during the game will influence the outcome of your romance, whether it goes well or not.

As far as Otome games go, this is definitely one of the better written ones. The characters are theatrical but not to the point of being unbelievable, and they often say all the things women want to hear.

However, the game can be annoying at some points where the game tries to persuade you again and again to spend money to buy extras for premium interactions and so on. It comes to a point when they begin to get desperate and stop your story completely using a Royal Challenge so you'll be tempted to buy coins which will let you buy a dress so you can go on to the next level.

Apart from that, once you clear Royal Challenges, you'll be put on either the Honey or the Sugar story route. Take heart as once you finish one story, you can always start again and choose a different lover route.

It's definitely a wonderful Otome game to pick up, if you don't mind spending a bit now and again to get the story moving.

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