Good Pizza, Great Pizza Isn't Your Regular Restaurant Simulator

Experience the real angst of starting a new business.

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza Isn't Your Regular Restaurant Simulator

The mobile game market is chock full of restaurant simulator games that promise you a fun time, with many focusing on different themes like food preparation, restaurant design, time management and others. However, 'Good Pizza, Great Pizza' by TapBlaze is a completely different ballgame altogether.

As it starts, you'll be asked to swish the screen to put up a new banner on your pizza shop, which you've just opened directly opposite the town's most famous pizza joint. Not such an auspicious start at all. 

Soon, the owner of your competitor pizza shop comes in and starts throwing insults, but at the same time guiding you through the game. You begin by making the basic cheese pizzas on an assembly line. Later, more toppings will be available and you'll have to fill orders from customers who often come in with strange requests.

What's so magical about this particular pizza restaurant simulator is how real it feels. From the pouring of the sauce to the peperoni layout, you have full control and this means that each pizza you make looks different from the next. No two pizzas you make ( even if they're the same type) will be identical as you can lay on the toppings yourself by tapping various parts of the pizza on screen.

At the end of the assembly line, you'll have a cutter that allows you to divide the pizza into as many slices as the customers want (usually 6) and if you cut unevenly, customers may give you relevant feedback or give less tips.

Overall the game really does capture the challenges and frustrations you'll face as a rookie pizza maker and shop owner, but the cheerful nature of the game makes up for all the angst you may feel over a badly placed pepperoni. 

The game is available free to play for both iOS and Android, with in-game purchases.

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