Google Play Helps to Fight Hunger With These 12 Games

In conjunction with World Food Day.

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Google Play Helps to Fight Hunger With These 12 Games

This year, Google Play is helping to alleviate hunger in the world by collaborating with the developers of 12 games and apps on their store. Any in-game purchase you make in these mobile games from now until October 21st will be donated to the UN World Food Program.

This program is dedicated to helping deliver nutritious meals to children all over the world who are not able to gain access to meals for one reason or another.

The Google Play Apps and Games Against Hunger program is available for those living in North and South America, so if you're living in this area, you can view a full list of the games involved at the official Google Play against hunger page.

Some of the games involved in this charitable effort include:

1. Dragon City


2. Cooking Fever


3. Animation Throwdown TQFC


4. Transformers: Forged to Fight


5. Marvel: Contest of Champions


6. Jurassic World: The Game


7. Legendary Game of Heroes


Play your part in ending world hunger by downloading any of these games and buying something on them as you play. If you're already playing, this is your chance to upgrade and do something good while you're at it.

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