Gram Games Adds Yet Another Title to Its 'Merge' Series

This time, it's Merge Farm.

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Gram Games Adds Yet Another Title to Its 'Merge' Series

Gram Games is a successful game company that has released a series of games called Merge Town, Merge Dragons and Merged. These games have gained more than 25 million downloads so far, and now, Gram Games is releasing yet another game in the series, called Merge Farm.

via iTunes

In Merge Farm, players plant and collect crops as well as manage other aspects in order to keep the farm profitable. The game mechanics requires you to 'merge' various parts of the crops and farm to achieve another objective and push the farm's progress forward.

For example, if you merge two crops of the same variety, you make them grow bigger and produce more food. As time progresses, players will be able to add new features to the farm including new buildings, animals and decorations.

As you begin to fill orders for crops, you generate a profit for the farm, which can be used to gain all sorts of goodies.

The game is available for free on the iTunes store now.

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