Grow Empire: Rome - Review - A Casual Game of Attack and Defense

Score: 7/10

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Grow Empire: Rome - Review - A Casual Game of Attack and Defense

Score: 7/10


  • Clear UI showing upgrades and future unlocks
  • Multiple heroes, units and skills.
    • Units are streamlined with advantages and disadvantages
  • Multiple playstyles paths to pick from.
  • Gold can be obtained passively


  • Animations could be more polished
  • BGM is depressing
  • Only 2x speed up.

It's hard to categorize Grow Empire: Rome into a game genre. The game plays out like a tug of war, except there isn't an opposing enemy to kill. You'll just have to survive through the wave. Every 10 waves, there will be a giant army whom will come and attack, and players will have to manage their gold well, in upgrading their units and wall defenses in order to survive.

Besides summoning units and using skills, combat is automated.The only choice players can make is to choose when to fire their tower defenses, which has a cooldown time that can be reduced. The two main resources in the game is Gold, which is used to upgrade units and defenses, and EXP, which gives skill points that you can invest into passive upgrades.

The game starts out slow and dull, but kicks up when the peasant army is fully upgraded. This is where the skill tree comes into play, as players can see what enemy units will be sent in the next wave, and have to strategize which units to summon out in order to combat them. This is where the game truly shines, as proper strategy will allow you to beat a near undefeatable horde of enemies.

To help players out in gaining gold, there is a system in place where you 'invade' other cities. You can only send out a small selection of units, and hope to tear down the cpu controlled base. If successful, you gain access to a gold generating location, which will give a certain amount of gold per minute to the game.

While the game has no IAP, it does have ads, that appear unannounced in between waves. Video ads also appear, tied to extra gold tempt players to view them. While a minor annoyance, these ads aren't a major issue, and there are games that have implemented ads worse than what is seen here.

In conclusion, a fun game that's simple, and though the balance may be off, the addition of a passive gold generation makes this a fun game to keep on your phone for short bursts.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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