HAWK Review: Arcade Shooter

Score: 7/10

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HAWK Review: Arcade Shooter

Score: 7/10


  • Freedom of movement
  • Good graphics and music
  • Plane upgrades
  • Customize which supporting planes to use
  • Events & Rankings
  • Free gacha after a period of time.
  • Planes are animated
  • Story
  • Co-Op gameplay
  • Test planes before buying


  • Little Ads
  • Specials are consumables
  • Grind progression
  • Stamina system

HAWK is a western themed Arcade shooter, filled with robot characters and sci-fi tech. The game controls by tapping anywhere on the screen, with the plane then following your finger movements. With a good HP bar, players do not die in one hit, and it doesn't take long before they are comfortable with the game controls and start dodging bullets easily. Bosses in the game are big with complex bullet patterns, but the patterns are fair and can be dodged with enough knowledge. Skills such as overdrive also makes the game easier, though they remain in the form of consumables. Players can customize the skill icons to be on the left or right side, with normal attacks being automatically done.

Monetization happens in the form of more planes and gacha boxes. Planes can be obtained by effort, but it will require a lot of grinding in order to obtain a new plane and upgrade it.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free



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