Hello Star Wars Fans! Here are 5 Games to Play While Waiting for The Next Movie

Relive epic battles and adventures.

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Hello Star Wars Fans! Here are 5 Games to Play While Waiting for The Next Movie

Star Wars is a franchise that started in the 1970s, and was the brainchild of George Lucas. There has been 7 main movies so far with 2 more in the works for the coming years. The franchise also has numerous spin off movies, with the latest one being Rogue One.

Apart from the movies, there are also plenty of other merchandise including books, collectible figurines, board games and video games. It shouldn't be surprising then, that the Star Wars franchise has also reached the mobile gaming platform. Here are some of the best ones out there:

1) Lego Starwars : The Yoda Chronicles

This game is rather short, but extremely fun as you'll be able to face battles where you control many characters at once, rather than just one at a time. There are also chances to control spaceships and fight in space.


2) Star Wars Rebels: Recon Mission

Based on the Star Wars offshoot cartoon series about a trainee Jedi and his Master, this game covers one adventure which you accomplish by jumping and shooting the enemy.


3) Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic is actually one of the oldest Star Wars games still available. It comes straight from LucasArts and is your classic RPG.


4) Star Wars : Commander

A real time strategy game where you manage your resources, and take down your enemy by using the weapons, vehicles and troops you have built.


5) Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In this simple turn based RPG, you can assemble your dream team of Star Wars characters from across the timeline to deal with enemies.


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