Here are 5 Mobile Games to Come Out of Finland

A European nation with the best games.

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Here are 5 Mobile Games to Come Out of Finland

It may seem unexpected that some of the World's best mobile games in Europe comes from a Scandinavian nation that's rather cold and snowy. In fact, games like Angry Birds and Clash of Clans actually originated here and some of the largest mobile game companies call Finland home, including Rovio and SuperCell.

If you're impressed by the Finnish games mentioned so far, here are some of the better ones from that country that you can try out. (Note that the games mentioned come from smaller game developers who aren't Supercell or Rovio):

1) Minigore 2: Zombies by Mountain Sheep Studios

Follow the protagonist John Gore as he goes in search of his daughter, who has been kidnapped by the villain Metusalem, creator of various monstrosities.


2) Bomber Friends by Hyperkani

Try this multiplayer remake of the classic Bomberman where instead of eliminating unknown foes, you get to eliminate the other players.


3) Badland by Frogmind

Get drawn into the unique sound and feel of this atmospheric action adventure game that has won numerous accolades and awards.



4) Best Fiends by Seriously

Join the citizens of Minutia in defeating enemy slugs in this game where you have to match colorful items and travel across an interesting garden.


5) Hill Climb Racing by Fingersoft

The title of the game may make it sound really easy, but you should get ready for some serious racing where you have to avoid obstacles and run your way through hilly terrain.


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