Here Are The Latest Exciting Upgrades on Pokemon Go

A whole new generation of Pokemon for you to catch.

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Here Are The Latest Exciting Upgrades on Pokemon Go

The world was sent into a tizzy in the middle of last year when Niantic released Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game. All over the world, large groups of players could be seen camping outdoors into the wee hours of the night, just to catch certain rare Pokemon.

More than half a year has passed since then and the original hype has died down. In order to keep players interested however, Niantic has continuously introduced upgrades and promotions, such as its special Halloween event where players got double points when 'walking' their Pokemon and got to catch a whole bunch of 'ghost' type Pokemon.

They've recently unveiled their biggest upgrade in February 2017, by introducing a whole new generation of Pokemon, originally released for the Pokemon Gold and Silver video games.

Check out all the newest Pokemon here:

Apart from that, there are also new evolution systems. Some of these new generation Pokemon need special items to evolve, and unfortunately, you can't buy them from the in-game store. You can only receive them from Pokestops.

There are also some additions to the good old Razz Berry, which are the Nanab Berry (slows Pokemon movement down) and the Pinap Berry (increases the amount of candy from the Pokemon). There's also a mysterious new Pokemon called Unown, a rare series of Pokemon that resemble the alphabets, so it takes on 28 different forms and you'll have to go out and catch them all!

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