Here's How to Choose the Best Pokemon for Battles

A quick guide on how to use the 'Appraise' option in Pokemon GO.

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Here's How to Choose the Best Pokemon for Battles

If you've been playing Pokemon GO, you would definitely know that powerful Pokemon are the final objective of your collection. The more powerful your Pokemon, the higher chances you'll win at gym battles, as well as raid battles.

But how exactly do you decide which Pokemons are the best for battle? Do you send the ones with the highest CP? Do you send your favourite Pikachu in?

About one year ago, Niantic introduced the Appraisal system so that each Pokemon is evaluated by your team leader, meaning that if you're in team Instinct (Yellow) your Pokemon will be evaluated by Spark. In the same way team Valor Pokemons will be evaluated by Candela and team Mystic's by Blanche.

To 'Appraise'  any Pokemon, start by clicking the central Pokeball icon on your starting screen and select 'Pokemon'. Click on the Pokemon you want evaluated and look for the icon with three lines on the lower right. You'll see the 'Appraise' button there. 

Once you press that, your team leader will appear. Just keep on clicking to hear what he/she has to say.

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Most of the time, your team leaders will speak in coded sentences. They'll say things like 'What a breathtaking Pokemon' or 'Your Pokemon is really strong". But what does this all mean? How can they help you choose strong Pokemon?

Well each Pokemon has what is called an Individual Value or IV. Here's a chart that translates your team leaders evaluation into the Pokemon's IV.

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The aim here is of course to keep Pokemons that have the highest percentage of IV, which means that they have a very strong attack AND defense and will fare well in battle. These are the ones you want to evolve and give CP boosts to.

You may also want to keep the 66.7% to 80% IV ones around, but anything below that can be exchanged for candies or just kept because they're cute and you like them.

Hopefully this small tip will help you win battles faster and more efficiently in the future.

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