Hideous Birthday Cakes You Won't Want to Eat

Something went wrong with these confections.

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Hideous Birthday Cakes You Won't Want to Eat

Birthdays are special and fun events, when everybody comes together for a great time. It's when you have delicious food and games, with the highlight being the birthday cake. It's therefore really important to plan on having a great looking cake. Otherwise, the entire party may be ruined, and you could end up with a crying birthday boy or girl.

Here are several cakes that definitely didn't make it to the top 10 birthday cakes list:

1. How it's supposed to look vs. reality

2. Programming language that wasn't supposed to be there

3. Bigger cars please


4. Not the happiest looking pet out there

5. We're so glad you took a bath!

6. Sigh! thanks for the effort though

7. The stuff of nightmares!