Hill Climb Racing 2: Review - A Multiplayer Hill Climber

Score: 7/10

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Hill Climb Racing 2: Review - A Multiplayer Hill Climber

Score: 7/10


  • Many different customization parts
  • Multiplayer ghosts
  • Events and loot boxes
  • Customization on vehicles


  • Progress dependent on victory, making the game pay to win
  • Some maps are unwinnable without the correct vehicle

As a hill climber, Hill Climb Racing 2 has an interesting mix of maps that are either 'too easy' or 'too hard'. While playing, players will slowly realize that the ability to get over hills does not rely on their skills, but instead of the upgrades they have on their vehicle instead. Worse, the Halloween event that is happening right now have many sharp death pits, that makes it impossible for newbies to get past the second map. The gameplay feels alright, but dull maps and the inability to tackle them at your own pace diminishes the fun a little.

Still, the game does great in the social aspects of the game. It has leaderboards, and ghost PvP. It also has different customization parts to give your vehicle a passive effect such as jump start turbo, flip turbo or glide ability in the air. It's an interesting take to the hill climb genre, and players will have to decide for themselves if they would play this, or Prime Peaks. One offers social aspects and great customization, but the other offers better gameplay.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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