Historical Drama Series 'Vikings' To Get a Mobile Game in 2018

Hugo Games is teaming up with MGM.

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Historical Drama Series 'Vikings' To Get a Mobile Game in 2018

In a brief press statement released recently, Hugo games have announced that they'll be working on a mobile game for both iOS and Android based on the hugely popular 'Vikings' drama series. They'll be working closely with MGM to develop the game.

The Vikings series started in 2013, and was screened on the History channel. The drama is based on actual historical figures, in particular Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most well known Norse heroes known for his conquest of  England and France. The series examines his rise to power, and his relationship with the shield maiden Lagertha, his wife Princess Auslaug, his son Bjorn Ironside and his brother Rollo.

Image via Laminute

Hugo, the company that's going to make the game, is a Nordic company based in Copenhagen and Nottingham, UK. They're well known for their mobile games based on the character Hugo, including Hugo: Retro Mania and Hugo: Troll Race.

Image via Hugo Games

There has so far been no news about what type of mobile game this is going to be, but they promise that it will contain all the intense fighting elements found in the drama series. The game is set to launch n 2018, so stay tuned for more updates.


Cover image via Vikings Wikia

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