Honkai Impact 3: Review - Action RPG

Score: 9.5/10

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Honkai Impact 3: Review - Action RPG

Score: 9.5/10


  • Amazing gameplay
  • Good Music & Graphics
  • Great Voice Acting
    • Has Japanese and Chinese VA
  • Able to interact with characters on main menu
  • Equipment and Passive stats upgrading and customization
  • Multiple variations of the same character, but each with different game feels
  • Events for gathering materials
  • Challenging enemies
  • Generous in materials
  • Easter eggs
  • Character Costumes
  • Co-op missions
  • Detailed tutorials.


  • Skill system (level up via skill points) only recharges one point per 9 minutes, with a cap of 20 skill points.
    • Unlocking one skill might require 4~6 points
    • Leveling up requires 1~3 points
  • Not generous in Gems, grinding required to farm for gems
  • Low Gacha rate.
  • 24 friend limit.
  • Stamina system, 1 stamina every 6 minutes.
    • One story stage requires 6~12 stamina
    • One event stage requires 12~18 stamina

Do you want to play quality console game on mobile? Honkai Impact is the game you've been looking for.

Let's begin by clarifying what makes this game great, the combat. Attacks are done via three different methods. The first is rapidly tapping the attack button, the second is tap and holding down the attack button, and the third is to tap on your party member's portrait to switch them in. Switching characters in will trigger their special attack, but if a certain condition is fulfilled such as switching while an enemy is air born or switching while an enemy is stunned, the switch attack turns into a hard hitting QTE skill, that demolishes the enemy health bars. The QTE switch skill feels a lot like SAO's switch mechanic, except Honkai Impact has these skills actually matter in combat.

Last but not least, is dodging. Dodging attacks is vital to the gameplay of Honkai Impact, as dodging attacks at the last second will trigger a bullet time mode, where enemies, attacks, and any mission timers are slowed down. Bullet time mode is vital as you can easily go around opponents in order to attack them where they can't block. Certain missions also implement "Timeshift' enemies, whom are enemies that only take damage when you are in Bullet time mode.

In addition to attacks, the weapon you equip your character will grant a special skill. These skills might be a move that deal extra damage or it might grant a buff or debuff. Lastly, each character variation has an ultimate skill that they can use when they have gathered enough SP. Ultimate skill are literal game changers, capable of killing midbosses in one strike.

As you play through the story, there will be narrated scenes of characters talking to each other. These scenes have been properly translated to English, and I do not see any fault in them. The story helps players to get to know the characters, and is a plus for the game. 

In order to play story, you will require stamina. The stamina cap is quite high, and players can obtain 30 free stamina points during lunch and dinner. Still, it is easy to find yourself without any stamina if you continuously play events. The only exception to this are the tutorial stages, which are very detailed and can be done at any time to a player's leisure.

Out of combat, you can customize each character with a weapon and 3 'Stigmata'. Stigmata are tattoos that grant your character additional stats, and each set of stigmata will grant your character passives, such as 10% increased move speed. Each character has their own skill tree, with many different skills to unlock and level up. The downside here is that you can only unlock/upgrade skills with skill points. With a cap of 20, and each skill point requiring 9 minutes to obtain, players will often find themselves waiting before they can level up their character skills. There is a base system where players can upgrade buildings in order to obtain rewards after a certain time. Currently, the base system doesn't affect the game much.

Socially, the friend list actually matters as each friend can be brought into combat, and will fight alongside your character in the boss phrase. The more often you use a friend's character, the better passive stats you will get, and you will also accumulate friendship points which can be used for materials in the friendship gacha. The normal and equipment gacha requires gems to buy, and gems can only be bought with real world currency.

Gems serve as the ultimate fuel in the game, refilling stamina, skill points, or even allowing you to purchase precise items from the random shop. According to players, the gacha rate of the game is rather low, and it is difficult to obtain a S or SS rank character. It is possible to complete the game without needing an S rank character, but this point should still be noted.

In conclusion, a great action RPG with cute characters that tempt people to buy convenience instead of waiting for timers. Honkai Impact 3 is a must try. 

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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