Hoplite: Review - Strategic Turn Based Roguelike Game

Score: 10/10

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Hoplite: Review - Strategic Turn Based Roguelike Game

Score: 10/10


  • Strategic
  • Clear and clean UI
    • Almost impossible to accidentally make a wrong move
  • Detailed explanations for enemies and abilities
  • Many options and ways to tackle obstacles


  • None

Hoplite is a turn based game where the goal is to reach the stairs, but to get to the stairs, you have to get past the monsters and enemies in your way. In your arsenal is a spear that you can throw, but if you do so, you will lose the ability to lunge, that is to kill monsters by running into the tile next to them. 

Each time you play, you learn more and get better at the game, and with each floor you manage to successfully descend, you are able to pick an upgrade for your character. The game isn't simple however, as each enemy you face have abilities of their own, be it shooting arrows at your next move, or throwing a bomb that explodes in an AoE.

In short, Hoplite is an excellent tactical game that has as much playtime as you wish and is deserving of that USD 3 price tag. The game is free on android systems, which makes picking up this game a must for any strategy fans.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

Download on Google Play

Download on App Store (USD2.99)


Price: Free/USD2.99



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