How old games would look like with micro-transactions?

Draw a picture. Cut it up. Imagine the values of games today in the past.

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How old games would look like with micro-transactions?

Game monetisation was less elaborate in the past. You probably won't find any pre-orders. The game will be ready when it is ready. 

But, what if we incorporate micro-transactions of today's gaming standard into the past? How would they look like?

1) Pokemon

Image via u/jumbotrey3

Pokemon has so many elements in game that could be exploited. Firstly, there would be an option to buy masterballs. Next, there would be a premium feature that reduces the time for eggs to hatch by half. The move deleter would cost usd 1 per use, and rare candies are purchasable only. Further monetization would come in the form of mega evolution stones and unlocking primal forms. The HM moves would be VIP only, so players must pay in order to solve mini-games or get past the ice cavern.

We should be thankful that Pokemon started in the past generation, and not in the present

2) Counter Strike

Image via No game No talk

This already exists, and people are playing it, for who knows what reason. Microtransactions in counter strike would force players to purchase equipment via gained credits, and are able to use those equipment for a certain amount of time. They are unable to purchase these weapons and equipment in game.

Naturally, not only are there different type of guns, there are multiple variations of the same gun, some with more stats than the other.

3) Super Mario

Image via Kotaku and Colourbox

We are tethering on the lines of microtransactions with Amibos. As this point of time, they appear to be additional dlc that assists in the game, but it's easy to see how Mario would look like if microtrasactions were to be implemented in the game. Firstly, players would pay in order to obtain power ups. The fire flower, tanuki suit and turtle cape would not be able to be purchased with coins, but with real cash instead. Secondly, lives would be purchaseable with coins, increasing in cost with every purchase. The first life would cost 100, the next 110, the third 125, and so on. Lastly, cheats would become sellable, akin to the infinite health powerup that Princess Peach Amibo gives in Super Mario Odyssey.

4) Final Fantasy

Image via Android Authority

If you haven't heard the news, Square Enix is famous for publishing mobile games at a ridiculous price. If that wasn't bad, then the pricing of F2P mobile titles such as FF All The Bravest and FF 15 A New Empire is horrible and is fully designed to extract cash from players.

Things that has been monetized in Final Fantasy includes heroes, summons, the number of times a summon can be used, healing potions, stamina systems and last but not least, actual story progression. Thankfully, we still have 10 (11 if you count FF X-2) good Final Fantasy games that hasn't been touched by the modern era.

5) Windows Solitare

Image via Cinema blend

The above screenshot is not fake. Windows 10 has monetized Solitare. They had thrown in ads in between games, a 'coin' currency and cosmetics. Imagine the rest of windows classic games being monetized. Space pinball would become a bore, and minesweeper will be littered with ads everytime you click a bomb, bringing a whole new meaning to the word click bait.

We dread to see how microtransactions will affect the gaming industry.


Cover Image via Global Geek News

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