How to Cook a Dumpling in 3 Seconds Flat

Almost no effort needed.

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How to Cook a Dumpling in 3 Seconds Flat

Craving for some delicious meat dumplings with chives? Usually, you'll have to make some of your own through a time consuming process, which usually involves some steaming or frying, as well as a lot of clean up.

Hence, its always great when someone shows you how you can do it instantly!

Really? A machine that makes Gyoza dumplings in less than 3 seconds? Unbelievable!

Of course, if you've figured it out by now, this machine for making dumplings doesn't really exist. It's  merely  a creative advertisement from an Internet Service Provider showing how fast their internet speed is.

We really must give it up to the advertisement producers for their ingenious idea. Hopefully someday, somebody actually invents a machine that can make delicious, mouth-watering dumplings in a fraction of the time being taken now.


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