Hugh Jackman Teases New Wolverine Poster


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Hugh Jackman Teases New Wolverine Poster

In this era of congested schedule of superhero films, it's easy to forget that the new Wolverine film is only 5 months away!

Next year's Wolverine film will be Jackman's final portrayal of the iconic character - his ninth time overall - in 17 years, after confirming that he'll no longer be putting on those adamantium claws.

There has been immense speculation that the third solo Wolverine film will be distancing itself from having the word wolverine in the title at all, with names such as Old Man Logan, and Weapon X the more likely probabilities.

But now it seems that both Jackman and director James Mongold have revealed the official poster and title for the film: Logan.

Based on the promotional poster and the film title, it could mean that this film will be taking a more grounded approach and with a more humanizing touch to it. The child's hand is also speculated to be a young X-23.

If you're unfamiliar with X-23, the short story is that she's a clone-daughter of Wolverine and shares similar powers as him. She would later go on and take the succeeded as his "successor". 

So what do you think of the new poster? Do you think that not having the word "wolverine" in the title is too obscure for the general public, or do you think that the new simple name gives the movie a more refreshing take on it?

Logan will be hitting theaters in March 2017. 



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