Humble Bundle Offers 7 Games for Just $5 This Halloween Season

Buy affordable games while contributing to charity.

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Humble Bundle Offers 7 Games for Just $5 This Halloween Season

Humble Bundle, Inc. is a digital store that sells video games, including mobile games. This Halloween, players can get 7 spooky games for just USD 5 in their latest sale that's going on now.

In the Humble Bundle concept, you can pay the minimum or more. The more you pay, the more games you unlock. Some part of what you pay will go to charity while the rest is shared among the game developers.

For just USD 1, players get to unlock three games including Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror, Sanitarium and Dead Age.


For more than USD 4.48 and you unlock all the previous game, together with three more games namely Beholder,Bulb Boy and Rusty Lake Hotel.


For USD 5 or more, you unlock two more games in addition to all the previous ones, which are Fran Bow and Whispering Willows:


Getting the Halloween mobile bundle will also help several charities, and you can check out more information about each game and make your purchase as the official Humble Bundle mobile game page.

Cover image via Android Authority

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