Humble Jumbo Bundle 10: Amazing Games at Unbelievably Cheap Prices

Grey goo itself is worth the price.

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Humble Jumbo Bundle 10: Amazing Games at Unbelievably Cheap Prices

If you are not aware, Humble Bundle is a digital games distributor that sells games in bundles, at really cheap prices. The games tend to be old but incredible, and when you buy them, you get a key to redeem the game on steam.

In the past, people had abused this site to buy games for 0.01 and obtain them on Steam. They do so to make a profit by selling Steam Trading cards. To combat this, Humble Bundle will only provide steam keys for purchases above USD 1.00

The currently running bundle is "Humble Jumbo Bundle 10" with a wide selection of great games.

Let's go down the list.

USD 1.00+

Grey Goo Definitive Edition

It is hard to believe that this amazing Real time Strategy isn't more well known. Grey Goo is an RTS with 3 different factions, Humans, Beta and Goo, all of which have their own unique playstyle and mechanics.

Complete with cutscenes, voice acting and Titantic units, Grey Goo is a game worthy of completing.

Epistory - Typing Chronicles

A cute game that trains your typing ability in order to defeat enemies. Play as a girl of riding on top of a cute fox in her quest. Done in a hex based adventure, Epistory is a beautiful and calming journey that won't take up much of your time.

Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

An old 2d puzzle platformer reinvented with modern day technology. If you have yet to play oddworld, just take a glance at this short trailer, and be convinced that you should play it.

Beat the Average! (currently at USD5.79+)

Prototype 2

Open world Superman simulator with guns is perhaps the best way to describe this game. Wreck havoc, use mutant abilities and blow things up in a modern day city.

Kingdom: New Lands

A game where you collect and drop coins. It sounds so simple, but monsters will come at night to attack you, causing you to drop your coins and eventually, your crown which leads to a game over. To stop this, drop coins at villagers, mark coins on trees to harvest lumber, build a town and pray you have enough defenses, or coins, to last the night.

How to Survive 2

Looks like an open world top down zombie survival game in a zombie infected land. Build guns, upgrade skills, and party with your friends in this game.

Mystery Game

It's a Mystery for now. Beating the average price will allow you to obtain this game for free automatically when it is revealed. Take note, in the past, the Mystery game usually increases the price of the average bundle, so it is a good idea to purchase the games now.

USD 10.00+

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut - Standard Edition

Rarely, ever so rarely, does the western market make a great western RPG. Following in the footsteps of Planescape torment and Fallout 2, comes a western RPG with an engrossing plot and amazing gameplay. Wasteland 2 is well worth the USD 40.00 asking price, and at USD 10, it's almost a steal.


There you go, these are the games in this week's Humble Bundle. This offer will only last for 10 days, so get it while you can.

Cover Image Via Humble Bundle

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