Hustle Castle: Review - Cartoonish Room Builder

Score: 7/10

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Hustle Castle: Review - Cartoonish Room Builder

Score: 7/10


  • Good music and art
  • Humorous story and characters
  • Freedom to move rooms in the castle
  • PvE and asynchronous PvP


  • Difficulty spikes up rapidly after the first map
  • Random Chests determines what item to get
  • No "Auto equip" best gear option
  • Game is full of timers

Hustle Castle is a simple room builder game where you build rooms and gain resources. Your townsfolk have stats, but the most important stat is the combat stat as progression in the game is tied to having strong followers, and sending them out to defeat PvE enemies. Equipment in the game is obtained via random chests that can be obtained via PvE or paid chests. The equipment are tiered by rarity, and legendary equipment is far superior in stats compared to epic equipment.

The main draw of the game is in its humor, as both allies and enemy characters will comment on current state of events.

Being a room builder, occasionally there will be disasters in the room, and these are also handled humorously.

The game has its downsides however, as everything in the game has timers. Also, the difficulty spikes up rapidly upon entering the second map, and unprepared players will be hit with a brick wall. It is also important to note that with how many equipment you will be obtaining, there isn't an 'auto equip' functionality to simplify the need to equip all your characters with the best gear.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free

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