Hyper Heroes: Quick Review - Pinball RPG

Marbles are fun because they move when a marble hits another. This game doesn't do that.

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Hyper Heroes: Quick Review - Pinball RPG

Score: 5/10


  • Simple graphics
  • Guide lines when attacking


  • Gems are really hard to grind for.
  • A lot of content and progression locked until player has leveled a lot
  • Unable to change behavior of your characters
  • Raid x 10 feature is locked to VIP players only
  • Pay to win
  • Stamina

Hyper Heroes feels like any other RPG you have played, with the sole exception that you pinball your heroes into enemies to attack them. The game is rather lackluster, and could be improved if players could actually modify how their heroes work.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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Price: Free



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