Image Of A Woman Eating Pork Bun During A Typhoon Goes Viral


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Image Of A Woman Eating Pork Bun During A Typhoon Goes Viral

"Ask not what you can do for your country, but what's for lunch" Orson Wells once said, and this might be especially true for one lady in Taiwan who was too eager to sink her teeth into a pork bun for lunch. But what's strange about that we hear you ask?

Oh, we don't know, only maybe that she's in a middle of a typhoon? 

Typhoon Megi recently hit Taiwan and left a devastating trail in its wake, leaving 4 dead, 268 injured while an estimated 3.16 million homes across the island without power.

And yet, this photo - taken by an Associated Press photographer - of a lady holding a broken umbrella in one hand and a half-eaten pork bun in another, as she admirably battles against winds and rain up to 198 kilometers per hour to munch on some good old char siu pau, went viral after one of the photos was used by Wall Street Journal as the lead image as their cover story.

"What else are you supposed to do other than eat pork buns in a typhoon?" one Facebook user commented.

"Pork bun>>all." Another commented.

Astonishingly, Chinese publication Apple Daily managed to track the lady, who goes by the surname Dai and runs a fruit stand at a market in Taipei, was "very angry" at the photographer for snapping an unfavorable photo of her.

For more information about the story, you can click here and here.


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