Indie Games From Humble Studios That Will Awe You

Impressive games you've probably never heard of.

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Indie Games From Humble Studios That Will Awe You

Indie game studios often produce games that get lost in the haystack, since they're small and no one has heard of them. They usually also lack the funds to promote these games beyond the social media sphere and depend very much on word of mouth to reach potential players.

These are some of the best indie games that have come out in recent years, so you can try them out and see which suits your taste the best:

1) Crowman and Wolfboy

This game comes from Pittsburgh indie game company Whittle Games and tells the story of two dark shadow creatures trying to escape their darkness. Go through 30 levels and meet various interesting characters, including strange humans.



A fusion of a noir mystery thriller told like a comic book story with elements of a puzzle game, this particular game let's you play 'panel' by 'panel'.


3) Wayward Souls

Those who are into dungeon crawler games will like this one, with six characters to choose from. Each with a different back story.


4) Crashing Season

Play as huge and menacingly cute wild animals that will gain points by crashing into things. It's a really cheerful premise, especially when you have to crash into unsavoury humans out to hunt you.


5) KleptoCats

You control a group of cats, and will have to send them out based on their various skills to bring back things to fill your empty room.


Cover image via Good News from Finland

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