Insanely Skilled Chef Cuts Radish into Interlocking Rings

It's been cut as is with no camera tricks.

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Insanely Skilled Chef Cuts Radish into Interlocking Rings

The skills of this Japanese chef is unquestionable. Twitter user @Zoe_Aisiteru posted this photo with a caption  "The head chef gave me this Daikon that he cut up for fun because he was bored". For those who don't know, the Daikon is a type of radish.

Netizens were in disbelief, and questioned whether there was a trick behind it, or whether it was photoshopped, or the rings attached in places we can't see. Apparently, this Daikon is completely legitimate. It was formed by slowly taking away parts and pieces of the Daikon as it was, and is not joined up in any way.

Japanese chefs have perfected the art of cutting and shaping Daikon into the most amazing shapes, showing their superior craftsmanship.

If you thought that it was completely impossible, just watch this chef here show you how it's done:

You won't believe your eyes as a regular radish gets transformed into an artistic masterpiece. This skill was developed several hundreds of years ago, by the cooks who worked for Samurais. Apparently they came up with many other interesting recipes, like this 'reversed egg' that has a white yolk and yellow surroundings.



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