Intense Side Scrolling Action with Mobile Version of 'ICEY'

A well done port of a PC video game.

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Intense Side Scrolling Action with Mobile Version of 'ICEY'

Initially, ICEY was designed as a video game for PC and consoles, but now this action game by X.D. Network Inc. has gotten a mobile port. Initial reviews have been good, with many players raving about the smooth gameplay.

The game follows the adventures of the main character ICEY as she navigates through her own world where enemies of all shapes and sizes await her. ICEY will be able to level up in skill and power as she progresses, but watch out for her CP levels as they may drain during a fight.

ICEY is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, and has previously been sold on Steam and for the PS4 market. Make sure you arm yourself and go for it with all the awesome moves you can muster!

Cover image via ICEY Twitter

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