Japanese Artist Paints 3D Goldfishes Swimming in Water

You can almost see them come to life.

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Japanese Artist Paints 3D Goldfishes Swimming in Water

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori may not be a household name yet, but he's definitely on his way there. Videos of him painting realistic goldfishes swimming in what appears to be clear water have surfaced online, and have garnered millions of views. Just watch him for yourself here:

He creates the 3D images through a complex layering of clear resin, painting two dimensional images on each layer. These layers combine to give the illusion that the fish are swimming in clear water in a traditional Japanese bucket.

Riusuke's creations range from small bowls with only one fish, to a goldfish painted on a blank canvas the size of a small room. His artworks truly give you a sense of beauty in motion, and you'll be tempted to reach your hand in to touch one of his goldfishes for yourself.

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