Japanese Grandmas Dance to Bruno Mars' 24K Magic

Hip hop isn't just for the young.

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Japanese Grandmas Dance to Bruno Mars' 24K Magic

If you thought that all grandmothers potter about the gardens and have hobbies confined to mundane things like knitting and darning, then you couldn't be more wrong. Recently, a video of three elderly Japanese women dancing to Bruno Mars' song 24K Magic went viral.

The video starts off very harmless and plain, but then these Obaasans  (Grannies) start busting hip hop moves and street dance steps. What made it even more amazing was that they danced in traditional kimonos, which usually limits movement. See their amazing performance here:

All these three women have an average age of 59 between them, but they're letting everyone know that age isn't a factor when you really want to hit the floor. All three ladies belong to a dance company known as Ostance. Don't you just find them endearing?

The principal dancer, whose name is Tori, can be seen showing off her moves in more comfortable and modern attire here. Impressive!





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