Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] Collaboration Event with Disney Tsum Tsum Now On

Fluffy Disney characters now available as rewards for a limited time.

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Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] Collaboration Event with Disney Tsum Tsum Now On

The Kingdom Hearts RPG franchise has always featured crossovers of characters from many platforms and publishers, most commonly Disney characters who sometimes fight alongside Square Enix characters in this well loved RPG where players have to defeat the Heartless.

Throughout the month of September 2017, the mobile Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] is going to feature cute and fluffy Disney creatures from Disney Tsum Tsum, a popping puzzle game. There are several events planned out, and here they are:

  • September 8th to 21st, Mickey and Pals Tsum Tsum Medal Summons:
    Players get a new ten medal draw with one at least one Tsum Tsum medal guaranteed for each draw. Medals feature cute Disney characters but are extremely powerful when equipped by the player.


  • September 11th to 24th, Special Quests with Tsum Tsum rewards
    Players have the option to engage in special quests within the Union X [Cross] universe against Tsum Tsum based heartless to gain event themed rewards including Jewels, avatar parts, cute animal pets and more.
  • September 18th to 24th, Raid Event for Tsum Tsum avatar Items: For this limited time, players can look out for raid events where they can cooperate with other players to take down the Heartless Tsum Tsum raid boss and collect Raod Coins. The coins can be exchanged for various avatar parts.
  • From Spetember 21st onwards, Special Pets release: A new range of animals will be introduced that will be able to help players in battle. Players can equip them during battle, and there are various animals to choose from and customize. To celebrate the release of these new pets, all players will receive a log-in bonus of 3000 jewels.


The game is free to download now for both Android and iOS platforms, so start your Kingdom Hearts journey today and experience the crossover yourself.

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