Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking a Breeze

Save time and effort.

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Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking a Breeze

Making a meal, especially when you're tired and hungry after work, can be such a chore. For this reason, it's always great to find shortcuts so that you don't have to slave away in the kitchen preparing meals. Get things done a lot quicker and faster, and keep things neat and clean too.

Here are some useful hacks to employ:

1. Peel fruits like mangoes by cutting them in half and removing their skin using a glass

2. Slice your cherry tomatoes all at once by holding them between two plates and moving your knife through the opening

3. Separate egg yolks from their white using the mouth of a plastic bottle

4. Cut your potatoes with an apple slicer for wedges

5. Use a Bundt cake pan to catch the corn you've sliced off the cob

6. Use a container to peel garlic

7. Prick eggs with a pin before boiling for perfectly boiled eggs



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